6 Amazing Facts on Smartbulb

Technology has changed the way we light our homes. The traditional incandescent bulbs and LEDs are passé. Smart bulbs are now the latest buzzword for creating a smart home.


What is a smart bulb?

Smart bulbs are wi-fi enabled LED bulbs. These can be programmed and offer additional features such as automation, remote control, and customization. With these features, you can control the brightness of the light and tune the color and sync it with your mood.

Unlike other ordinary bulbs, smart bulbs do not just illuminate your home but, do a myriad of other things –

1. Many wi-fi enabled smart bulbs come with smart phone apps which help you adjust the brightness of the bulbs. Unlike traditional lights and LEDs, you do not have to install additional dimmers for smart bulbs. There are dimmable smart bulbs available in the market which can be controlled using a smart phone app. Moreover, you can even adjust the warmth of the smart bulbs.

2. You can control the smart bulbs from anywhere as they come with scheduling features. Which means you can control the lights of your room even when you are not at home. You can set a particular time when the lights will automatically switch on and off. Now forget to worry about leaving the lights at your home turned on. With smart bulbs you can sync all the lights in your house and control them with a single app.

3. Smart bulbs can also change colors. Unlike single tone ordinary bulbs, smart bulb apps come with a color wheel. Tap on the color you want and the tone of the illumination will change accordingly. If you want to warm up your room, then tap on the golden yellow color or if you want to cool it down, select the shades of blue.

4. Smart bulbs can also play music! There are many smart bulbs that come with built-in speakers. The multiple-speaker feature of the lights let you groove to the music beats at any corner of your house. Many smart bulbs also change the colors of the room to match the mood of the music played.

5. Do you know that smart bulbs can help you sleep better at night? Many smart bulbs emit different color temperature that regulates the melatonin production of the body. High levels of melatonin induce sleep.

6. Smart bulbs also come with alarm feature. You can program these lights to flash red light if they detect smoke in the house. Moreover, there are smart bulbs available which can mimic sunlight.

From playing music to helping you sleep, smart bulbs can perform a wide range of tasks and can turn an ordinary home into a smart home. Check our multi-color LED light Nabe. This is wi-fi enabled and can emit colors to match your mood and set the right ambiance. It is equipped with features such as multiple color palettes, dimmer control, sleep mode and alarm.