5 Electrical Inventions That Changed Our Way of Life

Electricity is perhaps the most innovative and groundbreaking field of study that has significantly influenced the lives of people. There have been numerous important electrical inventions and discoveries that have made our lives much more convenient. Here we discuss 5 such inventions:

1. Telephone

This unique invention by Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized the way we communicate. The idea of inventing the telephone struck him in 1874. He thought of designing a device that can use electric current to transmit human voice to far off places. He designed a practical device that turned his idea into reality. This single invention still continues to influence communication system across the globe.

2. Light Bulb

This important electrical invention changed the way the world carried its businesses and led to many breakthroughs in the field of energy.  Though experiments with light bulbs started long before Thomas A. Edison but, he is the man who invented a commercially feasible light bulb. Earlier in 1860, Joseph Swan invented electric light bulb that glowed for limited hours. Edison improvised the process further to create a standardized version of the light bulb.

3. Television

This is one of the major electrical inventions during the late 19th and early 20th century. John Baird is credited for inventing the first working television. He made the first Television using an old hat box, scissors, needles and bicycle lenses. In 1925, he gave the first public display of a working television. In 1927, Baird demonstrated color television.

4. Computer

This is one of the most empowering and groundbreaking inventions in the field of electronics. The wooden abacus formed the base of the early computers. In 1822, Charles Babbage developed the Difference Engine, a predecessor of the modern computer, which was used to carry out computing tasks. However, due to lack of funds, he could not develop a full scale version of his device. Later, in 1837, he proposed the first mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine. However, this computer was never built due to lack of funds. But surely, Babbage paved the way for the most significant inventions of the century and is considered the father of the computer.

5. Radio

Though there were many people who were involved in different experiments in discovering a device that we know as Radio today but, it was Guglielmo Marconi who first developed a practical radio. He is credited to invent, demonstrate and market the first long distance wireless telegraph and in 1901, he broadcasted the first transatlantic radio signal.

This was the list of important electrical innovations that changed our lives.

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