7 Ideas To Glam up Your Living Room

Bored with the decor of your living room? Want to freshen it up? If yes, then there are a myriad of simple yet clever tricks to brighten up your living space. Here, we discuss a few of these tricks to help you:

1. Paint your living space

Colors can instantly jazz up your living space and give it a facelift. Choose bright colors such as shades of yellow, red, green, pink. Create a statement by painting one wall in bold colors such as lime yellow, red or blue and paint the other walls in soft colors. Paint the ceiling in neutral colors. This breaks the visual dullness, brightens up your living room and makes your room appear bigger. Color- coordinate the cabinets and other furniture according to the wall paint. If you have darker shades on your walls, then complement it by selecting lighter shade for the furniture.

2. Colorful pillows

Bright colored pillows instantly gives and interesting twist to a bland living room. Choose bold design patterns such as geometrical shapes to add drama. Experiment with colors such as bright shades of red, green, fuschia, green.

3. Bring in Nature

Nothing can freshen up your living room than houseplants. Plants add colors and interesting texture to your living room. Snake plants in the corner of your living room bring nature indoors and are a great way to fill up the empty space. Keep colorful succulents on the table top to give create an effect of an indoor garden. You can even place small flowering plants such as forget-me-not to add color and warmth to your living area.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors can spice up your living area. Strategically placed oversized mirrors can make your living room appear bigger. Cover a wall with various sizes of mirrors; it will add texture to the walls.

5. Lighting

Lighting helps to set the right mood. Correct lighting can induce a feeling of well-being and also help release endorphin, hormone which makes you happy. Choose warm and soft colored lights as per your mood. You can even install multi color LED light bulb. With multi color LED light bulb, you can program the colors according to your mood. These LED lights can instantly change the ambiance of your living room. In case you are looking for good quality multi color LED light bulb, check our Nabe Starterkit WiFi LED bulb and Genie. These bulbs can be controlled with wi-fi and can instantly set the right ambiance with their mood lighting features.

6. Storage Space

Smart and stylish living room calls for smart storage ideas.
These help you keep your living area clutter free, giving it a neat and clean look. Install built-in cabinets as they look classy and also, do not eat up extra space. Create a visual effect by installing open shelves. Display decorative art works or your collection of books. You can even combine these two to create an interesting pattern.

7. Rugs

Breathe new life to your floors simply by placing a colorful rug. It adds an interesting visual pattern to the floor and makes the living room appear cozy.

These simple ideas will not only spice up your living area but will infuse magic into the decor!