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What are "Nabe" and "Simple"?

What is the "Genie"?

Do I really need a Genie?

What are the ambiLite app requirements?

Can I control my lights via any smartphone?

How many groups of smartbulbs can I make?

How do I connect to Genie?

How do I reset Genie?

How do I sync and un-sync my bulbs?

How many bulbs can be controlled via the app?

Will I save money on my electricity bill?

Do I need any special setup or wiring to use ambiLite bulbs?

What are the features available with ‘Simple’?'

What are the features available with ‘Nabe’?

Why are ambiLite products cheaper than others in the market?

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Using the ambiLite Connect app

Controls : Nabe

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