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Know How You Can Make Best Use of LED Mood Lighting

As a matter of nature, we love doing anything we can to enhance our mood. LED mood lighting is one of the ways we can do this by adjusting it accordingly to how we feel. For example, we would prefer dim lighting whilst having dinner with our loved ones and bright lighting whilst revising for an exam. Having this proper lighting allows us to perform our daily tasks with greater ease and comfort. Each room in your house is unique and should tell a different story, if you are confused about choosing the right lighting you probably need some inspiration. This guide may help you pick the right lighting to perfectly complement your home in an elegant way.

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Dining Room
Let’s start with the dining room. You shouldn’t use any bright light here as it’s a place where you aren’t supposed to look at things in detail. Dim lighting is a much better fit, creating a perfect ambience for your dining table. The light should be focused at the centre of the table rather than the surrounding areas, such as the chairs, to create a more relaxed feel. If a chandelier is to your taste it should have a minimum 30-inch gab between the table and the chandelier. This lighting effect provides an ideal mood for eating and makes your meal look even more delicious.

Living Area
Your living area is usually a place where you entertain guests and where they get an idea of the interior of your home. So this would be the perfect place to enhance the ambiance by using dramatizing wall textures and showcase artwork. You should ideally use different sorts of lighting fixtures that will work for both your accent lighting and general lighting needs. Hiding the lighting source is also a great way to enhance the environment whist maintaining an entertaining atmosphere. For an example, you could use red light on a red wall to enhance its effect.

Bright light encourages alertness and is supposed to be good when you’re doing any important tasks like reading or cooking your favourite meal. Not only are meals prepared here, your kids could do their homework here when they need your help, creating a dual purpose space of lighting. So try to use high-watt bulbs in the task areas, these will really help you get the most out of your space. Under cabinet lighting is also a great way to showcase the best of your kitchen.

The bathroom is one of the places in a home where people would prefer not to invest money and time in. However if you just focus on bathing times having proper lighting creates a much more relaxed bathing environment, calming your mood. Halogen bulbs are supposed to be good for bathroom lighting but the latest fluorescent bulbs are also a great choice for bathroom lighting these days. You could also use extra lights to deck empty spaces in your bathroom, making it feel more luxurious.

The exterior of your home could be used to enhance the beauty of your home, especially in the evenings. You should come up with a lighting plan that best compliments your home structure. Many people use extra lights in order to improve their security outside, especially when they are not home. If applied skilfully, lighting can do wonders by creating a festive environment outside of your home.

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